Acquiring a flat or house in Hungary is no joke.

A real estate sale and purchase agreement represents one of the most important projects of your life - therefore it requires special care.

On the blooming real estate market none of the transactions are identical and none of the contracts are routine. No matter if it is about a new or an old flat, about a residential building or a detached house under construction, a weekend cottage in common property, if you pay in cash, through bank loan or a state subsidy, if the real estate needs to be cleared of liens and encumbrances – each transaction is unique and requires professional preparation, and a well-formulated contract that is tailor-made to your needs.

I can offer you start to finish legal service in any of the complex transactions in Hungary.

Be especially careful if you want to buy a real estate before the construction of the building is done. In this case, the lawyer in charge of the transaction is chosen by the developer; therefore, it is highly recommended that the buyer hires his or her own lawyer to double-check the contract before the signature.

I have expertise in reviewing sale and purchase agreements when buying real estate from the "drawing board", or when buying real estate with an irregular, out-of-the box legal construction.

Owning a flat in Hungary can be full of surprises.

A flat in a residential building cooperative can bring with it unexpected legal situations. You might need to enforce your rights against the community, the house manager or one of your neighbors, rent out or renovate your flat.

You can trust me to represent you well in any events like these.


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