Family and inheritance law matters in Hungary

With immense knowledge and expertise, my cooperating colleague represents clients in divorce action and child custody matters. You can also hire her for drafting wills or marital property contracts. If you inherited in Hungary or need legal assistance during the inheritance proceeding in Hungary, then you have come to the right place as well.
Please contact my law firm to reach out to my cooperating partner.

Data protection, GDPR

Within the whole of Europe the inevitable issue of 2018 was the compliance with the new data protection regulation. If the ‘GDPR-fever’ has reached your company, it might not be too late to take care of your by-laws and privacy policies now. If you are looking for a competent lawyer on data protection, contact my colleague, Dr. Zsolt Tolnai attorney-at-law.
zsolt.tolnai @, +36 30 650 35 59

Criminal law

My colleague is specialized in economic criminal law. He represents the accused before the authorities throughout the whole criminal procedure and during the imprisonment. Don’t hesitate to contact my cooperating attorney-at-law Dr. Lakatos Viktor.
ugyved @, +36 1 633 31 87

Tax law, tax advising

My cooperating colleague has more than a decade tax practice. He is specialised in domestic and international tax planning, tax restructuring, and regularly represents clients in high profile tax litigation cases. He also provides comprehensive tax advice to high-net-worth individuals. If you plan to hire a specialized tax lawyer, contact my colleague, Dr. Pásztor János.
janos.pasztor @, +36 30 822 50 93.

Dear Client,

I kindly inform you that I will be on summer vacation from July 27th until August 3rd and from August 17th until August 24th.

Please contact me with your matters beforehand and bear in mind that these days I will not be available. Have a safe and happy summer break!