We specialize in copyright, including collective rights management.

If you have a copyright-related issue, especially one which concerns collective management organizations, it is worth hiring an expert.

As an in-house lawyer having worked seven years at the Hungarian copyright organization (Society Artisjus) I gained wide-ranging experience regarding the theory and the practice of copyright, and insight into legal disputes related thereto.

I filed lawsuits, composed contracts, wrote articles and blogs, held lectures and courses at different universities and countries. I constructed both routine licensing contracts and agreements of strategic importance, I took part at negotiations with Hungarian and international users.

I am happy to share my copyright expertise with my clients.


– We can provide service to authors of copyright works, artists (singers and musicians), legal successors, agencies, other representatives

– We can also serve record companies, film makers, televisions, radios, broadcasters and cable service providers, other users

Legal cases?

– Matters related to copyright, know how, small and grand rights licensing, drafting agreements, legal representation in and out of court, procedures before or against CMOs

Dear Client,

I kindly inform you that I will be on summer vacation from July 27th until August 3rd and from August 17th until August 24th.

Please contact me with your matters beforehand and bear in mind that these days I will not be available. Have a safe and happy summer break!