The lawyer must effectively carry out changes throughout the operation of a company.

As a lawyer holding a degree in business and company law, I give legal support in planning transactions, due diligence and amending company records. For this purpose, I will explore your particular demands, your business goal and activity, provide you with the appropriate legal advice and draft the correct documents.

You can easily find a lawyer for your corporate matters in Hungary. I suggest you select one with specialized knowledge.


– We can provide service to members and managers of business organizations, or other companies

Legal cases?

– Each matter in the business operating cycle from establishing the company through amending company records, transforming the company as an entity, merger and acquisition, to liquidation and insolvency proceedings

In order to ensure an efficient marketing and an advantageous market position in Hungary, you are advised to apply for trademark protection for the distinctive indicators of your product or service.

We assist clients in obtaining, maintaining and administering trademarks and in related legal matters.

Legal cases?

– Registration, renewal, revocation of a trademark, opposition, request for review, trademark infringement, related legal matters

NGOs work for a noble purpose.

We know that non-governmental organizations care about their causes with a passion. Therefore, we provide legal service for Hungarian civil societies and foundations with the same care and enthusiasm.

I was myself an employee at a civil society for years, then I got elected for president at another; therefore, I can handle NGO’s legal issues correctly.


– We can provide service to representatives of civil societies, foundations, non-profit associations

Legal cases?

– Establishing, amending records, reporting public benefit, legal counselling and drafting documents