My philosophy.

To me there is no such thing as small or large legal matters - there are only legal matters and naturally, for you, yours are the most important. As an attorney-at-law I believe that clients need legal support in their private law matters from someone who cares. Whether it is a real estate purchase, establishing a company or a copyright infringement, I know what is crucial for my clients. Clear personal guidance, in a language they understand well.

I provide wide-range legal services for my clients in the fields of business, corporate and real estate law. I worked for the Hungarian copyright organization (Artisjus) for seven years, hence I gained special knowledge on copyright issues.

I often work with international legal matters, such as for Hungarians living abroad or for foreign nationals living in Hungary. As per my client’s request I can provide legal services in English, German and Hungarian with ease.

I believe in the value of personalized legal service, and that even a small law firm can deliver precise, quality service for both companies and private individuals.